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Title: Xolani Fleets, 2384

Kalas - March 1, 2007 10:14 PM (GMT)
In the year 2382, a war broke out between the Romulans and the Federation. This was due to an evil Praetor, who had his designs set on over-throwing the Federation by use of lies and deceptions. As Head of the Tal'Shiar, he abused his power and the treaties were broken.

The year is now 2384, and the Federation has rebuilt alliances with the Romulans, and a new senate sits in power. The Federation, now under the direction of Vice Flag Admiral Christine Chapel as the Commander-In-Chief, Fleet Admiral Fallax Trell as Vice Commander-In-Chief, and Vice Fleet Admiral Karl Logan as Commander Starfleet, has rebuilt and are forging their way into the future.

Join us as we endeavor to keep the Federation safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Xolani Fleets is a compilation of several fleets spread over the galaxy in all quadrants of mapped space. Their dedication to exploration, the betterment of mankind, and the continued safety of the Federation makes Starfleet the powerful alliance it is.

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