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Title: Ashton(main) Huntoon
Description: Southern Belle

Ashton Main Huntoon - March 21, 2007 01:36 PM (GMT)
Last Name:Huntoon
Celebrity(the celebrity which represents your character): Terri Garber
At 5''7, Ashton is at normal height for a woman her age. Her body is slimly built, with femine body curves and an average waist. A corset is an unescapable acsessory to her, because she enjoys wearing dreas with tight bodices. But she always makes sure her corset is loose at the upper peart, where her bosom is. She enjoys showing off her generous decolletage. Her face is rather full, embroided by a veil fo rich, curly black hair. Her eyes are of a dark brown color, and foten glint mischeviously. They are one of the assets men find highly desireable. Her nose is elegant and of average length-it fits into the picture of her face just perfectly. Her lips are cupid and small, but still fine enough to be a call for a kiss.

Her skin is pale and smooth, as thick white cream. That is one of the main reasons she enjoys wearing red dresses-they make an attractive contrast when compared to her skin. But the color of the dress is not really an issue to her-as long as it is fashinable, she will wear it. Since she comes from a rich family, and married into one equally so, she hsa no trouble with affording the said clothing.

Ashton can not be trusted. That is one line that should explain all about her. Despite her parents' best efforts to raise a kind, fine daughter, she turned out just the opposite. Oh, yes, she was fine, but kind? No. Neither Tillet nor Clarissa ever knew why. Perhaps it was because they had given her too much freedom, not spending enough time with her in person? But then her sister Brett would be just the same, for the girls were treated equally. Ashton most likely had such a unique personality. Nobody but nature was to blame.

She would never risk anything for others. The centre of her world is herself and nobody else. She is an able actress, though, and might trick people into beleiveing she was a sweet little girl. She has always had the power of seduction, and rare men had not fallen under her charms. That's probably the reason she has no true friends. Every girl in the county has been jealous of her and her tremendous success with suitors.

Ashton is very intelligent and educated. She can estimate when a risk is worth taking, and she is usually right. She has no problems with honor. She deems it a useless thing and is ready to betray anyone at any time.

Born as the eldest daughter and the thrid child in the Main family, Ashton Main has always been treated with kindness and regard. Her mother, Clarissa Gault Main, has mde sure her daughter got the finest education, and her father, Tillet, supplied her with the funds necessary. She grew in a healthy surrounding, and never once had she fallen seriously ill during her childhood. There were also her brothers-Cooper and Orry, who treated her like a little princess. Cooper, the first child, would sometimes show certain dislike for her, though. Mostly during her outbursts of wrath. Those occured on a regular basis-whenever she could not get something she wanted, Ashton would make a drama. Orry thought it to be just a silly chiuldhood thing, but Copper found it more serious. In the end, he turned out to be right.

When she was two years old, her sister Brett was born. At first, Ashton did not mind the little blue-eyed girl. But as Brett grew, Ashton started hating her more and more. Firstly, she took her brothers' attention away from her. Both Orry and Cooper enjoyed to spend time with Brett far more than with her. And Tillet and Clarissa! Both of them seemed to have greater likings for Brett as well. Luckily, Ashton had other admireres-boys from around the county. As soon as she was 14 and allowed to, she got her first suitors. And not even the close eye of Tillet Main had managed to stop her from doing what she wanted with them.

When she was at the age of 16, Ashton Main married her long time suitor, James Huntoon. She never loved him or even liked him, but he came from a rich family and seemed to have a promising career. Even if she is James's wife, Ashton doesn't hesitate to cheat on him with other, more desireable men.

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