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  5. certainly will help his confidence
  6. most of them down the stretch
  7. winner of the other semifinal between
  8. reports and speculation from around the NHL beat.
  9. liner down the leeft-field line that was
  10. their home opener against the Ottawa Senators.
  11. Magistrate Cheryl Pollak ruled
  12. thinking seems to be that inn order for the Heat
  13. and forward Jonathan Drouin will be
  14. While practising with the University of Prince
  15. games out of the second wild-card spot after
  16. allowing Justin Turner to score on the play and
  17. in order to prepare for the upcomming
  18. percentage point in possession rates
  19. seven-time NBA All-Star and won two scoring
  20. Nico Steriti rushed for a season-high
  21. extended his hitting streak to eight straight by d
  22. In his first five outings with Toronto
  23. interleague starts. He also lined a single to
  24. Conference playoff spot. Drummond said the Pistons
  25. right-hander went out and provided a
  26. new goaltending coach with the
  27. putting the blame on them, thats for sure
  28. He handled the bat fine
  29. these movements take place when spiking a
  30. champion David Ferrer, who rallied past
  31. The Warriors were hoping Blake would be uniform
  32. but if youre expecting blood and tears, youll be
  33. Paul and Darren Collison hit two free throws
  34. goals and added four assists with
  35. West and third in the Central Division
  36. hit and because of the force of the
  37. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said of
  38. who shared the 54-hole lead at the Honda Classic a
  39. career-best 13 TDs in 2012. Getting a top
  40. matches and won just seven of them
  41. was just a steppingstone to many more great thing
  42. we werent able to put the ball in the basket
  43. The Canadiens got some good news on Saturday
  44. Winnipegs record to 3-4 during this past
  45. last season on a one-year deal he
  46. when the Texas Rangers paid a reported
  47. up and down from the minors a
  48. will live up to your expectations of me
  49. This is something that hopefully will
  50. Paquette said. Ive been doing the

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