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Title: Sawan Biang (Thai Lakorn)
Description: Starring Ken T and Ann T

Kristie - April 8, 2008 08:33 PM (GMT)
user posted image

Drama : Sawan Biang | สวรรค์เบี่ยง
Year : 2008
Country : Thailand
Starring : Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan, Ann Thongprasom

Aired : March 27th, 2008
Ended : May 7th, 2008
Total : 12 Episodes

Who's watching Sawan Biang ???
It's so damn addicting !!!!!!!
Waiting for epi 4 tmr !!!!!!!!!!

Kennnnn so hotttt !!! Ann's acting so awesome !!

cecilia - April 8, 2008 09:46 PM (GMT)
^for sure, CHONG's watching it.
i watch it here and there .. it was not as crazy as i thought it would impact me. JLR hit me so hard in the chest that i still can't get over that lakorn .. SB is good but didn't hit me hard yet .. i'm still waiting to see if there's any progress that will make me go crazy and hyper about it. LOVE ANN's acting ..

btw. I'm also waiting for JAI RAO as well even though Wishy kindda spoil me with the ending .. I think AFF is so pretty and cute with the hair do. She looks cute next to Ken and him as well, look handsome, maybe this JAI RAO will play a big part in me liking him b/c i'm an Addictive AFF fan :lool: Here's the fitting picture for their up coming lakorn together :
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
Credit: pantip cafe ll sexybi

rainonme - April 9, 2008 12:19 AM (GMT)
LOL^^^ yes Ceci, indeed I am!! kkk

KRISTY, we need to spazz about SB!!!*I didn't know you were watching it too!* lol one of the first things I asked Kung today was if she was watching Sawan Bieng!!!lol she said she hasn't been watching it much?haha

>>hehe, JLR really took me too, however, there's this thing about KEN&ANN for me. =) I love KAWEE in here! He's soo good, don't forget SMOKIN HOT and Ann, she's soooo awesome in here too! lol

>>I even got up just to watch it live! but the player is kinda weird, it puts on the radio instead..irritated me...i'll see if it's working better now..

>>.I can't wait for the 4th episode!!!I wanna see the kidnap/beach scenes..*dies* seriously I dreadfully wait for the next ep. to air..haha

>>Ceci, thanks for sharing the pictures! Aff looks so cute in the last picture. Ken-->hot. =)

I can't wait for JaiRao too! and the one with Aum/Ann too!lol, Chia's still very into Aum also. =) I still love Aum too, but right now, it's all about Ken..kk


------------watch Sawan Bieng!-------------

rainonme - April 9, 2008 01:04 AM (GMT)
ken is soo freakn hot in these pics. damn Ann, sooo lucky!!!!!

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
credit: sarnworld

cecilia - April 9, 2008 03:48 AM (GMT)
:laugh: i knew it that CHONG will love these scenes too ..

Kristie - April 9, 2008 08:00 AM (GMT)
HAHAHA we are so addicted !!
I just check the live stream and like Chong said the sound doesn't match with the video lol T_T

I checked like 50 pages on sarN yesterday... too much spammers lol love those pictures !!!

I watched the previous version with Brook and Kob when i was young and i was addicted too lol but i think this one is going to be better since I love both Ken and Ann their acting are awesome !!

I think i will try to watch once it's on the net maybe tonight ? cuz i will be on exam can't catch live... but my sis will hahaha
Do u know that in Thailand people rush to back home to watch this ? It's a fever !!

rainonme - April 9, 2008 04:18 PM (GMT)
lol it's def. like a VIRUS!!

----ahh Kristy i know i got up around 7:30, i'm so glad i caught the r-scene! that's so funny how they skip work just to watch it.

Ah, I wanna watch the older versions just to spoil myself..LOL but i'll see if i have time. for the R-scene I kinda wish Narin was fighting back more too though.. she kinda gave in?lol who wouldn't???LOL j/k!!!

All of ep 4 is up on sarn now too..

i know alot of spamming going on..kkk it's kinda ridiculous kk ppl wanna claim the top pages..LOL but yeah anywhoo, I can't wait for tomorrows!!!! i wanted to see the running beach scene!!

Kawee enjoyed the kiss! lol

cecilia :laugh :phew: :dance:

Kristie - April 9, 2008 08:10 PM (GMT)
I just finished the epi 4 Chong !!
Love Himmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!

I mean he is so hot !! he kissed her twice... real !!
OMG I can't wait for tmr she wanna dieeeeee hahaha it's so addictingggggg !! When he said "I was ur first" after the R-scene damnnnnn hahaha

Chong u understand Thai ?

cobaltblue - April 10, 2008 10:37 AM (GMT)
AHH I had seen Sawan Biang last night and I think his kiss is so nice. :shy
I love the way he pull back from her lip and smile. :drool2:
Even it's a crime to do that in real life.
Fantasy always be girl's best friend as long as that man looks like Ken. :laugh

rainonme - April 10, 2008 03:34 PM (GMT)


---there's another R-scene! :o :OO: but stupid buffer, i kINDa missed it!! it went from the POOL to the part where Ken woke up and Narin's just under the covers..and then Kawee realizes she's sick....OMGG Kawee sooo heart-thugging sweet!!!!:diesssssssss

P'Noi is oneeee freakin LUCKY ladyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOl colbaltblue! lol Yay, another Ken fan!lol fantasies with SEXY KEN..lOL it should be


ps:::omg i can't wait for the subs to come! Kristy. lol you should totally sub it tooooo>>faster for us!!haha Cuz, no, I can't understand thai! I wish I did!!!:(

Kristie - April 10, 2008 05:45 PM (GMT)
I just get back from school I'm going to watch now... will be back huhu


This lakorn is sooooooo awesome !!
R-scenessssss loooool This guy loves her already mouhahaha
Love the scene under the water :hyper:
And after when he wanna warm her so cuteeeee :yahoo
Narin is so stubborn it's going to be like Oum Ruk lol

Next weeeeeeek omg omg omg
His dad will ask what happened between him and her xD
They r looking so close hohoho

cobaltblue welcome to the thread hehe

Chongggg otokeeee how can I do ????? next wed *die*
Haha I dunno how to sub but if u want to know something ask me here hahaha
U know what I will try to stalk him again this summer LOOOOOL
he is so hot why why why why he is taken already ?? so sad i dun like when he's talking about Noi's pregnancy... feel so weird hur~~~

cobaltblue - April 11, 2008 01:26 AM (GMT)
u can call me Nut. :ido

And I really am not his fan but this lakorn is talk of the town.

Everyone in my office keep talking and talking about it.

This morning they talk about how many R scenes they can count! :laugh

janejz - April 11, 2008 02:17 AM (GMT)
what a shame!! i didn't watch Sawan Biang :phew:

many of my friends addicted to the LaKorn...
i think i'm gonna start watching it. :laugh

rainonme - April 11, 2008 02:50 AM (GMT)
lol Kristy are you @ sarnworld too?lol i found a girl under Kristy toollol i msg her but she didn't msg me back..:(haha

anywhoo, LOL okay i counted only 2 R scenes!but now everyone's saying there's 3!!!??? I'm gonna rewatch it..

----Kristy, do you know what Kawee said when he gave the necklace to Narin???Omo, he's claiming her already!!whoo!!

---the thread at sarN is crazy right now..LOl lots of talk about the r-scene.. It was a big surprise for all of us??!

---omg, and the pool part, dang, so good...:)
LOL doesn't Narin look more willing in the pool part??LOL seriously!!!

---Jane, ahhh! i thought you would be watching all along already!!lol kkk you can still catchup..only 5 so far..i want more fast!

--ahah, Kristy, I wanna go stalk this SEXY beast too!lol kk, i can't understand thai, so i haven't heard Ken talk about Noi's pregnancy at all..I wanna hear it too!lol kkk, it sounds weird cause we're ENVIOUS!lyeah why why does Ken have to be taken

---nut, haha yes all of us are counting on the R-scene!lol seriously today, i spazzed about SB all day.

---I can't wait for next weeks either!!!!gosh i wanna see it so baddlyyy already..Wed is too far!

--lol i found out today that 3 of my friends were watching SB too!lol haha so happy..kkk I thought i was the only one in my town..ahha
here are some pics!


omg do you see the baby in the next picture!!!!!!!:cheer: :cheer:
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
credit: gossip ll sarnworld

cecilia - April 11, 2008 03:29 AM (GMT)
wow .. more fan ..i need to catch up to sb toostill in episode 2 ..will convert the rest of the episode tonight and watch it ..thanks for the head up ..

i went back and rewatch KOB/BROOK version, i actually like the part towarding the ending .. man, she's one stubborn woman and he's one stubborn man .. i will try hard to get the fever on .. LOl

ah, there's an article on JAMLEUY RUK as well from the NATION that ppl rush home to watch it during it's airing too. I agree with the writer, seeing how 2008 ch3 drama change things, it's time for them to get on their feet and start showing the audience the good stuff from their homeland.

Another thing i like about this new version of SB is that there are quite a few new places on where they film it. I like them places, it would have been nice if they have all these lakorn on dvd, will definitely make profit to bring in more sales to the business from the outside of thailand.

rainonme - April 11, 2008 05:17 AM (GMT)
I know, i seriously cannot wait/ HOPE they put SB onto DVD! I will so grab it.>ehhe. Ceci, you HAVE to watch ep 4-5! it's the best!!!LOL

cecilia - April 11, 2008 06:00 AM (GMT)
^i should with LYNDA'S spoiler in her blog. I'm still at episode 2. will try to catch it up since i'm done doing maraton for all 6 season of SMALLVILLE .. i love LANA LANG and CLARK KENT's character.. remind me so much of AFF/AUM ..

back to topic, I want the lakorn to jump to the part where she's pregnant .. i like her playing hard to get-the KAWEE redemption is what i'm waiting for. It was not satisfy in the KOB/BROOK version. This one, they have to make him pay and work harder :lol:

cobaltblue - April 11, 2008 11:33 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (rainonme @ Apr 10 2008, 11:50 PM)
Kristy, do you know what Kawee said when he gave the necklace to Narin???Omo, he's claiming her already!!whoo!!

OK Chong u asked Kristy but let me tell ya.

He said "don't take of necklace I gave u if I don't say so."
But he didn't tell why he gave it to her or what does it mean to him.
Sorry I can remember just a little.

Kristie - April 11, 2008 06:56 PM (GMT)
Hahaha Chong yeah that's me on sarN i msg u back :)

When i woke up this morning the only thing in my mind was KEN LOL

Yeah like P'Nut said he blackmail her again if she took it off he is going to say to everyone what happened lol

Ceci u should go back and watch P'Jane same !!
It's so addicting <333333

For ur information I'm pretty sure that Sawan Biang will be release on DVD (VCD first) cuz I have the official DVD of Ruk nee huajai rao jong ^_^
I will buy the DVD and watch all days when i'm getting in BKK mouhahaha just like I did with Oum Ruk :D

cecilia - April 11, 2008 07:37 PM (GMT)
^is it the official set for HUAJAI RAO JONG?
i want to get the official dvd set from ch3 as well .. same for JLR but i have not come across any yet. I couldn't find my headphone so i didn't watch episode 2 yet . :loool: Will have to buy new headphone to watch it again when i'm offline :lol:

i got my in dvd as well but they're not the official set, they're from IPTV :eh

found this while browsing in pantip
user posted image

user posted image
Credit: pantip

Kristie - April 11, 2008 07:47 PM (GMT)
Aw I see I have the official one HQ and no logo haha
But Ceci u know what I think im going to help u guys by buying those stuffs for u cuz like u said u barely find them haha

Should I split this to Sawan Biang thread ?

rainonme - April 11, 2008 09:51 PM (GMT)
omggg KRISTYYYY, pls if you go to Thailand..LOL grab me a copy HD of sawan bieng!!!!! i want it so badd!

--Nut, thanks soo much for the trans!!Kawee is so claiming her but don't wanna care too much about Narin either..ahah


cecilia - April 11, 2008 11:01 PM (GMT)
Krystal spoil me with the under water attack .. that was a bit disturbing :laugh

rainonme - April 12, 2008 03:51 AM (GMT)
lol disturbing??LOL why?lol it's like everyone's fav part!lol i did wish he didn't force Narin to go under and then kiss her..lOl.

cecilia - April 12, 2008 04:19 AM (GMT)
i don't know yet, i didn't watch it yet, just funny b/c the first thing Krystal said was .. KAWEE R Narin everywhere and tell me what happen in the pool .. i didn't expect it to happen in the pool too .. but yeah, i didn't see it yet. so not sure how bad it is, but the way she describe it, it's disturbing :laugh

kristie, will you do that? .. tell me when you're flying and i'll send some money over. thank you na kha.

cobaltblue - April 12, 2008 06:44 AM (GMT)
Chong scene in ur sig is the kiss I talked about before hehehe

Kristie Will u come to Thailand soon?

Ceci find your headphone yet?

I'm waiting to see what's going on when they are in the house while nobody else know what happened between them.

I've never watched previous version.
My boss said she used to see another version which is not Kob/brook.
I'm not sure if she confused with another one but I'm not that old to know. :rolleyes:

Kristie - April 12, 2008 11:21 AM (GMT)
I'm flying back to BKK around mid June :)

Sure Ceci u can send the money through my sis' PayPal, just hope that when I will be there the DVD's already released haha

P'Nut there were 3 versions of Sawan Biang... 1988, 1998 (Kob/Brook) and now 2008 hahaha every 10 years lol

OMG we have to wait till WEDNESDAY T_T

cecilia - April 16, 2008 10:41 AM (GMT)
i'm all caught up with SB .. he r her everywhere like KRYSTAL said. Most the R is unnecessary, he's like do it every time she refuse to do like he wants. That's such a lame reason and excuse for his hunger :loool: It's airing live today US CENTRAL TIME 8:30 am. I might catch it live just b/c i couldn't sleep all night. The virus didn't hit me yet .. lol .. i'M waiting to see the pregnancy part b/c in the kob/brook version, its' good. I like her stubbornness.

Kristie, nvm about the request, i think i'll just look around. But thank you anyway.

rainonme - April 17, 2008 01:14 AM (GMT)
ahhhh i loved ep warning another

---lol i think ppl were thinking that he R-d her in the pool..but it was more like he fought with her in the pool and did the rest in rOOm?lol

but yeah..kkk i really liked today's ep. lol i do hope there's no more R-scenes though..hahaha i think 4 is good enough!hahaha

--btw, kristie, i love your siggie!

cecilia - April 17, 2008 01:46 AM (GMT)
muaha. i watched today's episode live. there's an R too .. :lool: it's crazy.

janejz - April 17, 2008 07:20 AM (GMT)
behind the scene of Sawan Biang

and here are lists of the "behind the scene of Sawan Biang"


here's the SB OST.

1. Jud-Job-Kong-Chan-Yuu-Tee-Tur by Aof Pongsak [I like this song :) ]
[dohtml]<object width="300" height="80"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="300" height="110" wmode="transparent"></embed></object>[/dohtml]

2. Sin-Sood-Suk-Tee by Panadda
[dohtml]<object width="300" height="80"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="300" height="110" wmode="transparent"></embed></object>[/dohtml]

rainonme - April 17, 2008 05:14 PM (GMT)
ahhh thanks jane!

ahha kkk, r-scene, yep..haha

Kristie/Ceci/Jane haha have you watched 7 too? I wanna know this!


omg my heart totally MELTED into pieces..ahha when he hugged Narin from behind....*diessssssss* ahh

cecilia - April 17, 2008 05:40 PM (GMT)
was too tired to get up this morning. so i missed it .. but will watch peach's file and see if i can do quick translation:

rainonme - April 17, 2008 06:14 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (cecilia @ Apr 17 2008, 09:40 AM)
was too tired to get up this morning. so i missed it .. but will watch peach's file and see if i can do quick translation:

ahh thanku ceci! :awe :awe

cecilia - April 17, 2008 07:32 PM (GMT)
okay, i got it, i have to skipped a few cut clips, and this is what i got out of the conversation. Sorry if i miss anything, but this is how i would interpret their conversation :heart

kawee: don't follow me
leela: you disrespect me this much? *well, it can also imply as disgust too*
kawee: yes, i disrespect and hate you.
leela: why kawee, what have i've done wrong. do i have something that you can't accept/love me?
kawee: love, how can you make me love you, i dont' even want to look at your face.
leela: kawee, do you know how much you hurt my feeling. before this, i thought of you as a heartless person, you're the kind of person that have no one, don't know how to love anyone, but what you have done for NARIN, it shown me that you worry about her, you care about her, you love RIN, why, why can't that woman be me? why can't you love me b/c i always do everything for you.
kawee: You, who did everything for me? (not sure what he meant here, he said something about in the past,she did it for herself). You married my dad b/c you want to win over me. You have never love my father, not even a bit.
Leela: Yes, i married your father b/c i want to win over you. But i would like you to look/see me a bit, no matter what position i'm in. *she meant, her status*
kawee: Even if you die in front of me, i would not even open my eye to look at you. You think by marrying my father that i would care about you. the most that you can be is my father's wife. You're not even important in my life. And in the future, don't' bring your dirty self to me, make me disgust *vomit*. And KEEP IN MIND *REMEMBER* I have never love your sister, not even a bit, everything are game *to me*.

spoiler for next week : Narin moved out. At the market, Kawee gave her some money, telling her to accept it as if he's repaying her due back for the time she stay with him at the beach house. She threw the money back at his face and say if he's going to repay her back, he will have to PAY IT WITH HIS LIFE. Narin found out she's 2 month pregnant :ido

Kristie - April 17, 2008 07:42 PM (GMT)
I'm waiting the whole epi not the 9 parts too lazy to dl like yesterday lol

My sister watched it LIVE again lol
I read everything u wrote ceciii damn !!! I shouldn't have come here mouhahaha but good translation my dear :)

Chong u r always on sarN LOL go study girl !!!

I will come back and post about epi 7 !

rainonme - April 18, 2008 12:43 AM (GMT)
i knowww, haha i need to studyy! i will...hahha

::::Ceci, thanks so much for the translation!!!:) ahhhh, Narin heard the last parts too!! :( gosh Kawee...

Poor KhunKid too!!

Kristie, bunniii put up the whole part..:) ehhe


cecilia - April 18, 2008 04:47 AM (GMT)
feel bad for the father but i think LEELA was sincere about her feeling toward khun kid at the hospital scene. Feel bad for her if i'm in her shoe, how she said she did everything b/c of love for him and then even marry someone she didn't love just so she can be close to him, i suppose.i would turn to a psycho **tch as well knowing that whatever you do will not satisfy this person. Her only problem is maybe not stalk him or show him how much she loves him, perhaps, there might be chance of them getting together. :laugh

it's good that she hear what happen. i like it when p'ek went to wait around for forgiveness. I'll be looking for the rest of the episode b/c it's what i like in the old version as well.

btw. i think it would be gross if KHUN Kid make LEELA and KAWEE marry after knowing that she's his wife and NARIN is KAWEE. :OO:

rainonme - April 18, 2008 06:56 AM (GMT)
lol did that happen in the old version or something?haha somehow that topic came out of SomeWHERE! hha about how Kawee has to marry Leela now?? I"m sure KhunKid is so much smarter than trying to make that happen?lol cause that's just...umm, doesn't make sense at all..LOL

thanks again ceci..:) haha yeah i feel bad for Leela too, but she shouldn't even have lied in front of KhunKid too, right before he died. So I ended up hating her again..LOL

cecilia - April 18, 2008 08:07 AM (GMT)
i don't know if she lie to give him strength or for her own sake but i did see sincere and worrisome in her face. And the way she cry after his last breathe at the hospital, it's very convincing and at the funeral too. I think she's obsess with KAWEE, pity for the dad, love the dad more, and jealous b/c of NARIN. i don't hate her b/c it was KHUN KID who want to marry her. At the time, it's like she said. she want to win KAWEE over, prove it to him that she's alot stronger than he think she is . I mean, we can't blame it on LEELA for causing this mess, it was KHUN KID's way of paying back his sin and it's his fault for marrying her after he learning the truth about LEELA and his son. He gamble the relationship himself, so since he's willing marry LEELA, it's his own fault. To me, LEELA's only mistake is losing JEB and marrying a man b/c of pity and desire to have something that she never meant to have. *confusing? lol*

I'm not sure about the marry will but i read in sarnieworld that it might but that's way in the beginning. But yeah, it would be so ew and gross if it did happen. I'm so looking forward toward her stubbornness.

i still find his lame threats funny - if you don't do what i want, you know what kind of punishment i'll give :loool: .. he over use it for his own pleasure. so damn stupid.

BTW. it's funny how he try to threaten her and she talk back at him that she will not stay and let herself be his bait, use by him and LEELA, then torn off the necklace, and walk away. NICE !!!

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